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Our Eyes are the Hearts Gatekeepers

Jesus warned us that what goes into our heart is what really matters. The eyes are the gatekeepers to our heart. So, it really matters what we look at. We need to guard our heart from the things of this world and many times that fire is ignited by our eyes.

We see it on TV every day. The world is trying to entice us with things that enter our heart via our eyes. We all have seen the bling, If I only had this car or truck, I would be happy. ….. I need that new fishing boat…. If I invested like this, my money problems would be done. You get the drift of what I am saying the world in trying to entice our desires of the heart with what we allow in our eyes. So, the bottom line is we need to guard what we allow our eyes to see.

Luke 11:34-36 (NIV)

34 Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness. 35 See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. 36 Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.

Our Eyes are the Hearts Gatekeepers
Our Eyes are the Hearts Gatekeepers

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