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Mother’s Day Tribute

Yesterday, Terri and I went over to New Braunfels to the cemetery to visit my mother’s gravesite. I have been blessed to have some great mothers that have been part of my life. I first think of my mother, Betty Jean Bombei. I dearly miss her, but I am so happy to know I will see her again someday in heaven. She loved her kids and dearly loved her grandkids. She had no problem standing up for her kids and grandkids. I would talk to my mom almost every day, while driving home from work…. This was a time before talking on your cell phone while driving was illegal. She was a great mom, and she loved my dad very much. Then I can’t forget my grandmothers that were a big influence on my life.

My mom’s mom, Katie Bernice Cline passed away in 1968. I called her Granny Cline growing up and I spent a lot of time with her growing up in Amo, Indiana. I can remember going fishing with Granny and Grandpa Cline. My early memories of them are living in a couple of different homes in Amo, Indiana. My grandfather built their last home in Amo. I remember visiting their first home in Amo; Granny and Grandpa Cline were snapping green beans for canning while sitting on the front porch.

My dad’s mom, Rose Lavada Bombei passed away in 1979. I was in the Navy when Grandma Bombei passed away. I spent a lot of time with her over at my grandma’s dairy farm on the outskirts of Amo, Indiana. My early memories of Grandma Bombei is her teaching me how to swim over at Raccoon Lake in Indiana. She also took us camping as kids; she was a Sunday School teacher of mine at Amo Baptist Church. She loved her family and always enjoyed having family get-togethers.

I also must include the mother of my granddaughters Keely, Dorothy and grandson Charlie. Caitlyn Bombei is a great momma to my grandchildren, so that puts her in a very special place with me. She also loves my son David that is deserving of a crown for that. 😊 I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She is teaching Keely and Dorothy to be great mothers someday.

Now to my favorite mother. Terri my wife is a great mother to my two boys Danny and David. She loves her boys and grandchildren very much. She has patience to put up with me for forty-three years. We are off to a good start at enjoying our retirement years. She loves RVing with me and enjoys the outdoors. One thing I am so pleased with is that she loves the Lord. It gave me a peaceful easy feeling (steal that from the Eagles) today to come out of the bedroom at 5:45 this morning and she was sitting in her chair reading the Bible with the coffee brewing. Can’t beat that. She had a good example with her mother, Barb Bishop. We wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

As you can see, I have been blessed with some great mothers in my life.

Mother’s Day Tribute
Mother’s Day Tribute

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