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“You can Renew Your Joy”

Matthews 11:29-30

“29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Sometimes we can feel like we are running on empty. The demands of daily life can drain us of our strength and rob us of our joy that is rightfully ours. We all have been there and some of us might be there right now. How many of us are tired or troubled?

God did not intend this for us. God doesn’t want us to feel weak or worried from our daily life. There is a solution, and it starts by delving more into God’s Word. Call upon Christ to renew your spirit and your life. When you do this, you will find that our Creator will empower you through the power of the Holy Spirit that is within each believer to produce the fruit of the Spirit. This is the way to renew your joy.

Galatians 5:22-23

“22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

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