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Thomas Phillip Hinton Sr (1693-1792) my 7th Great Grandfather/Indentured Servitude

Born December 28, 1693, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland, British Colonial America.

Died 1792 Montgomery, Maryland.

The Hinton family had come over early to America and helped finance Jamestown. However, we had part of the family that had a turn of unlucky circumstances. We had one great grandfather who was an indentured servant. Thomas was sold into indentured by his mother. Times had to have been tough for a mother to indenture her son as a child. I am not sure of the circumstances, but his father died over in England in 1700.

Records show that in the November Court, 1706, Mary Edgerton, mother of Thomas, indentured her son to John Baldwin: and that in August 1708, the following document, dated November 1698 was recorded: Thomas Hinton, indentured-etc

Definition of indentured servitude in the US.

Indentured servitude is a form of labor in which a person (an indenture) agrees to work without salary for a specific number of years through a contract for eventual compensation or debt repayment. Indentured servants were men and women who signed a contract by which they agreed to work for a certain number of years in exchange servitude. In early colonial America this could have meant transportation to American, providing food, clothing, and shelter. Adult usually served four to seven years and children much longer.

Thomas would have been a young person when his mother indentured him to John Baldwin. This was not uncommon in early America and indenturing a servant was replaced by slavery in the colonies. It was eventually outlawed in the United States. An American law passed in 1833 abolished imprisonment of debtors, which made prosecuting runaway servants more difficult, increasing the risk of indenture contract purchases. The 13th Amendment, passed in the wake of the American Civil War, made indentured servitude illegal in the United States.

However, things worked out over the years for Thomas. He became a landowner. He would have a son (Thomas Phillip Hinton Jr) who fought in the Revolutionary War and a Great Grandson (Michael Linton Hinton Jr.) who fought in the War of 1812. If you remember Michael was my 4th great grandfather who is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Colfax, Clinton, Indiana.

Ancestry Line to me.

  • 7th Great Grandparents - William Hinton Sr. (1662 – 1695) / Mary Neal Edgerton (1688 – 1732)

  • 6th Great Grandparents Thomas Phillip Hinton Jr. (1719 – 1792) / Rebecca Wilson Craven (1725 – 1792)

  • 5th Great Grandparents Michael Linton Hinton Sr. (1743 – 1824 / Sarah Kenney (1751 – 1815)4th Great Grandparents Michael Linton Hinton Jr. (1795 – 1857) / Rachel Poffenberger (1798 – 1883)

  • 3rd Great Grandparents - Greenberry B, Blacker (1822 – 1910) / Isabella Adeline Mary Hinton

  • 2nd Great Grandparents – Henry Benton Gant (1840-1893)/ Louisa Jane Blacker (1843 – 1915)

  • Great Grandparents – John Henry Bombei (1868 – 1948)/ Francis Jane Gant (1870- 1949)

  • Grandparents – John Henry Bombei (1908 – 1977) / Rose Lavada Calbert (1911 – 1979)

  • Parents – Robert Darrell Bombei (1934 – 2018) / Betty Jean Cline (1936 – 2010)

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