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The Tomlinson Family Name

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The Tomlinson name is an important name in my family tree. They were some of the early settlers in Hendricks County, Indiana.

My 2nd Great Grandfather Moses Tomlinson (1836 – 1827) was an early photographer in the county of Hendricks County. He is noted for riding his bicycle around the county taking photos. He was my grandma, Rose Calbert Bombei’s grandfather.

Moses was married to Martha J. Jackson (1844 – 1917), her father was killed during the Civil War fighting for the 48th North Carolina Infantry. After the war Martha moved to Hendricks County, Indiana where she met Moses. I have an early picture of Moses as a child and then Martha in her later years with my grandmother Rose as a little girl, my grandmother’s mom Eunice, and my grandmother’s sister Evelyn.

I had the opportunity to visit Moses and Martha’s tombstone in Maple Hill Cemetery, in Plainfield Indiana. His tombstone is right next to his father’s tombstone James Coppock Tomlinson (1799 – 1892) and Nance Ann Doane (1800 – 1890). According to the History of Hendricks County, Indiana. Hadley, J. V. (John Vestal). The first mill constructed in the county was a horse-mill on East fork of White Lick. It was built and owned by James Tomlinson. James Coppock’s father was Joseph Tomlinson (1772 – 1820).

Joseph Tomlinson was born in South Carolina in 1772 when South Carolina was part of British Colonial America. He was a Quaker and Quaker’s were against Slavery and decided to move to Indiana. He was married to Jemima Bray (1778 – 1851).

Joseph Tomlinson is buried Springs Field Cemetery, Springfield, Indiana outside of Amo. I grew up in Amo and never knew about this cemetery. I visited this cemetery in 2020 and unfortunately the older tombstones were too degraded to read the names on the headstone.

William Allen Tomlinson (1749 – 1813) and Martha Coppock were the parents of Joseph Tomlinson. William was born in Ireland and came to the colonies as a youth. William and his wife Martha Coppock lived in a section of land near Bush River, South Carolina. The section of land they lived still had Indians that were still inhabiting the forests. As a girl, Martha had been kidnapped by Indians, lived among them for a while, but was eventually rescued and restored to her family.

The line of ancestry back from Darrell Bombei

  • 5th William Allen Tomlinson 1749-1813/Martha Coppock 1755-1844

  • 4th Great Grandparents Joseph Tomlinson 1772-1820 /Jemima Bray 1778 -1851

  • 3rd Great Grandparents James Coppock Tomlinson1799-1892 /Nancy Ann Doane 1800-1890

  • 2nd Great Grandparents - Moses Tomlinson 1836 - 1927/Martha J. Jackson 1844-1917

  • Great Grandparents - Francis Marshall Calbert” Gramps” 1882-1971/Eunice Elba Tomlinson 1882-1950

  • Grandparents - John Henry Bombei 1908 – 1977 /Rose Lavada Calbert 1911 – 1979

  • Parents - Robert D, Bombei 1934-2018/Betty J. Cline 1936-2010

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