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Road Trip to visit 5 cemeteries in Indiana

Road Trip to visit 5 cemeteries in Indiana

Road trip from Muskegon, Michigan down to Plainfield, Indiana for my Bombei Family Reunion this weekend. Terri and I stopped by 5 cemeteries to try and find some of my ancestors. SUCCESS

Shiloh Cemetery

One cemetery called Shiloh Cemetery, Colfax, Clinton County Indiana. I found 2 sets of 4th Great Grandparents. Both down through my Great Grandmother on the Bombei/Gant side.

Michael Linton Hinton Jr, He was my 4th Great Grandparents Michael Linton Hinton Jr. (1795 – 1857) / Rachel Poffenberger (1798 – 1883), Note Michael was a veteran of the War of 1812 where he served in the Ohio Militia before moving to Indiana. He was one of the early pioneers of the area.

Henry Lee Blacker (1782 – 1854) and Rebecca Ann Albin (1788 – 1847). They are also my 4th Great Grandparents. Note, Rebecca Albin’s Father who was my 5th Great Grandfather Robert Albin was a veteran of the War of 1812 and she had 4 uncles serving in the Revolutionary War.

Brush Creek Cemetery

An old cemetery surrounded by corn fields. I found the graves of my 3rd Great Grandparents Greenberry B Blacker (1822 – 1910) and Isabelle Adeline Hinton (1825 – 1922). They are of course on Grandpa Bombei’s line through his mother Francis Gant.

Cox Cemetery

On a country road outside of Thorntown, Indiana we found Cox Cemetery. We found my 2nd Great Grandparents. Henry Benton Gant (1840 – 1893) Louisa Jane Blacker (1843 -1915). Note Henry served in the Indiana 86th Indiana Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He was wounded during the fighting and was discharged due to his wounds.

Plainfield Maple Hill Cemetery

2nd Great Grandparents - Moses Tomlinson (1836-1927)/ Martha Jackson (1844-1917) and 3rd Great Grandparents - James Coppock Tomlinson (1799 – 1892) Nancy Ann Doane (1800 – 1890)

Spingfields Cemetery in Old Sprintown by Amo

I tried one last cemetery on the out skirts of Amo, Indiana. Old Springtown Back in the early 1800s it was called Springfields Cemetery in Springtown, Indiana and it stopped being a town in the 1850’s. I went through this old town every time we visited my Grandparents farm in Amo and never realized it use to be a town. However, I have a 4th Great Grandparents buried there. Joseph Tomlinson (1772-1820) Jemima Bray (1778-1851). The tombstones were in too bad a shape that I could not read the names. Oh well.

Here are some of photos

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