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Henry Benton Gant (1840-1893) 2nd Great Grandfather

Darrell’s Great, Great Grandfather was Henry Benton Gant (1840-1893). He was born in Clinton, Indiana and is buried Thorntown, Indiana. Henry served in the 86th Indiana Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. On the 86th Indiana Infantry Regiment Roles. Henry Gant was in 86th Regiment Company “I”. He was wounded during the war and was discharged Jan 25, 1863, due to his battle wounds. His regiment was fighting in Tennessee during this time.

86 Indiana Infantry Regiment activity during Civil War.

Organized at Lafayette, Ind., and mustered on September 4, 1862. Ordered to Cincinnati, Ohio, September 5, thence to Covington, Ky., and to Louisville, Ky., September 30. Duty there until October 1. Attached to 14th Brigade, 5th Division, Army of the Ohio, September 1862. 14th Brigade, 5th Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November 1862. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Left Wing 14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 21st Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to October 1863. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to June 1865.

Ancestor Line to Family

  • 2nd Great Grandparents - Henry Benton Grant (1840 – 1893) / Louisa Jane Blacker (1843 – 1915)

  • Great Grandparents John Henry Bombei (1868 – 1948) / Francis Jane Gant (1870-1949)

  • Grandparents - John Henry Bombei (1908 – 1977) / Rose Lavada Calbert (1911-1979)

  • Parents - Robert Darrell Bombei (1934 – 2018)/Betty jean Cline (1936 – 2010)

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