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Christian Deppen 7th Great Grandfather

Christian Deppen (20 December 1705 – 6 August 1781) / Veronica Fronice Ruchti (1718 – 1775)

He was born in Bern, Switzerland on Dec 20, 1705. He died on 6 August 1781 at the age of 75. He is buried in Deppen Cemetery in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Some records say he was from Germany because he spoke German. However, he was from Switzerland, and he spoke German.

Christian arrived in America in Sep 15, 1736, in Philadelphia aboard a ship named

Princess Augusta, embarked from Rotterdam in the Netherlands on April 28, 1736, and arrived in Philadelphia on September 15, 1736.

Christian was Revolutionary War Patriot.


Here is a story written about Christian that is interesting.

Christian Deppen's interaction with Native Americans

This story comes from the "Genealogy of John W. Deepen With a Brief History of His Ancestors" compiled and published by the John W. Deepen family history committee in 1974:

"Christian Deepen was nicknamed "Franz", and his farm was referred to as the "Franz Deepen" farm. It has been recorded that "Franz" Deepen built a cabin along the Tulpehocken Creek about 1737.

One late fall evening shortly before the close of the French & Indian War, "Franz" had the urge to remain outside later than usual to split logs for firewood. He started to split a willow log and had inserted a stone wedge when he was seized by four drunken Indians. By their speech "Franz" learned that they planned to burn him at the stake. However, he was equal to the occasion. He told his captors if they would assist him in splitting the log, he would show them where much rum was hidden.

He instructed two of his captives to place their hands in the crevice of the log on one side and the other two to do likewise on the other side, and then pull with all their strength as would pound the wedge deeper with his broad bladed ax. When all hands were in position, "Franz" raised his ax and in one swift arc knocked the wedge from the log, leaving 4 angry, tricked and surprised Indians held vise-like in the suddenly closed log.

In the spring of 1875, the horse lovers of Womelsdorf were leveling a field near the former cabin of "Franz" Deepen to construct a racetrack. Four skeletons were unearthed, and four skulls were found to be irregularly fractured. The "Charming Forge" estate of Baron William H. Stiegel (3,700 acres) adjoined the property of Christian Deepen on the north side of the Tulpehocken Creek. The mansion, barns and racetrack still stand. The Berks County Historical Society has placed a marker on the lawn of the mansion.

Ancestry Line to me

  • 7th Great Grandparents - Christian Deppen (1705 – 1781) / Veronica Fronice Rutchti (1718-1775)

  • 6th Great Grandparents - Johannes Ruchti Deppen (1745 – 1827) / Anna Barbara Boyer (1754 – 1816)

  • 5th Great Grandparents -Christian Deppen (1776-1850) / Rebecca Wore (1777-1804)

  • 4th Great Grandparents - George Haas (1803-1890) /Maria Deppen (1804-1872)

  • 3rd Great Grandparents - Jonathan Haas (1837-1886) / Mary Miller (1838-1907)

  • 2nd Great Grandparents - General George Calbert (1862-1936)/ Ella Mae Haas (1864-1946)

  • Great Grandparent - Francis Marshall Calbert “Gramps” (1882-1971) / Eunice Elba Tomlinson (1882-1950)

  • Grandparent - John Henry Bombei (1908 – 1977) / Rose Lavada Calbert (1911-1979)

  • Parent - Robert Darrell Bombei (1934-2018) / Betty Jean Cline (1936-2010)

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