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Bombei Family Name

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Bombei Family Name

John Henry Bombei Sr. (1868 – 1948)/Francis Jane Gant (1870 – 1949)

My Great Grandfather John Henry Bombei was born in Vogerbergkreis, Hesse, Deutschland part of modern-day Germany on March 21, 1868. He was 3 years old when he migrated to the United States. He would have had to migrate with his mother, Elizabeth Catharina Fredrick Bambey “Katie” and siblings as his father, Andreas Bambey died on March 17, 1872, when my Great Grandfather was 3 years old in Hesse.

It brings up a lot of questions, such as did Katie migrate by herself with her children or with other families from Hesse? During this period of history in Hesse, Prussia had taken control of the northern part of Hesse, which led to many Hessians migrating to England and America.

Prussia, Hesse conflict

The coming of the German Reich under Prussian predominance, which constituted itself instead, influenced the further divisions of Hesse. During the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, the greater territories of Hesse had supported the defeated Austrian monarchy and had consequently lost large regions to the victorious Prussians. The regions of Hessen-Kassel, Nassau and Frankfurt were collectively reduced to the status of a Prussian province. The Grand Duchy of Hessen-Darmstadt was allowed to retain its independence despite some minor territorial losses. The Prussia influence led to many Hessians migrating to England and the United States.

There is not any records available on John Henry Bombei until 1880. The 1880 census indicated that John Henry Bombei lived in Arcola, Douglas, Illinois. He was 10 years old and lived with his mother Katie Bombei age 54, sister Anna age 22 and Katie Bombei age 16 and brother Con Bombei age 24.

John Henry Bombei married Francis (Keutch) Gant 2 July 1896. They had 3 children.

  • Lillian Lyndia Kutch (1891 – 1955) previous marriage

  • Frances Bombei (1907 – 1936)

  • John Henry Bombei Jr. (1908 – 1977) my grandfather

2nd Great Grandfather Andreas Bambey (1813 – 1872)

There appears to have been a name change in coming to America. Andreas Bambey was born in Billertshausen, Alsfeld, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, Germany on 9 September 1813. In some records it is shown the spelling of last name as Baumbi instead of Bombei or Bambay. The current records have it as Bombei. This is not uncommon for last names to change spelling when coming to America from Europe.

Andrea married Elizabeth Catherina Frederick (1825 – Deceased), they had Conrad “Con” Bambey, Anna Maria Elizabetha Bambey, Marisa Elisa Bambey, Anna Kathrina Bambey, John Henry Bambey Sr (my great grandfather)

3rd Great Grandfather Johann Conrad Bambey (No dates)

There is not much information on my 3rd great grandfather. I do know he married Anna Elizabetha Koehler 2 Aug 1810 in Zelle, Obrhss, Hesse. They had 3 children:

  • Johann Bambey (1811 – 1812)

  • Andreas Bambey (1813 – 1872) My 2nd Great Grandfather

  • Anna Maria Bambey (1824 – 1870)

My 3rd Great Grandfather lived during a volatile time in Hesse in the 1810 – 1815. This was a period of the Napoleon Wars that affected the small parts of Hesse and Prussia.

Here is the ancestor line back to me.

  • 3rd Great Grandparents Johann Conrad Bambey (No dates)/ Anna Elizabetha Koehler

  • 2nd Great Grandparents Andreas Bambey (1813 – 1872)/ Elizabeth Catherina Frederick (1825 – Deceased)

  • Great Grandparents John Henry Sr. (1868 – 1948) / Francis Jane Gant (1870 – 1949)

  • Grandparents John Henry Bombei Jr. (1908 – 1977) / Rose Lavada Calbert (1911 – 1979)

  • Parents Robert Darrell Bombei (1934 – 2018) / Betty Jean Cline (1936 – 2010)

Francis Jane Bombei and Great Grandfather John Henry Bombei Sr.

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