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A Plymouth Colony Family Connection - Doane Family

John Doane (c.1590 - 1685/6) was a politician in English Colonial North America. He arrived in Plymouth Colony on an unknown ship sometime between 1628 and 1632. (Note, the Mayflower arrived Plymouth Rock in 1620). During his long life he is considered a person of note in Plymouth Colony serving in many government capacities associated with the colony government, such as government committees and deputy for Plymouth as well as Assistant Governor in 1632/33. He left government service for a time in the 1630s to serve as deacon in the Plymouth Church.

Nathaniel Morton wrote that John Cooke, Mr. John Doane and Mr. William Paddy were deacons under Reverend John Reyner, and John Dunham became a deacon later. John Doane was at least a deacon as early as January 2, 1633/34 when he resigned his office as Assistant (governor) because of his deaconship.

In January 1633/34 he was "freed from office" so that he could devote his full-time to church functions.

His son Daniel Doane my 8th Great Grandfather was married to Constance Snow. She is the granddaughter of Stephen Hopkins who came over on the Mayflower.

The Line of Ancestry back to Darrell Bombei

  • 9th Great Grandparents - Deacon John Doane (1590–1685)/ Abigail Perkins (1605-1654)

  • 8th Great Grandparents - Daniel Doane (1637-1712) / Constance Snow (1646-1682)

  • 7th Great Grandparents - Daniel Doane (1666 - 1743) / Mehetabel Twining (1661-1719)

  • 6th Great Grandparents - Joseph Doane (1697 – 1783) / Mary Carter (1704-1743)

  • 5th Great Grandparents - John Stuart Doane (1731-1811) / Elizabeth Pike (1739-1816)

  • 4th Great Grandparents - Ebenezer Doane (1768-1838)/Elizabeth Stout (1774-1808)

  • 3rd Great Grandparents - James Coppock Tomlinson(1799-1892) / Nancy Ann Doan (1800-1890)

  • 2nd Great Grandparents - Moses Tomlinson (1836-1927) / Martha J. Jackson (1844 – 1917)

  • Great Grandparents - Francis Marshal Calbert (1882-1971) /Eunice Elba Tomlinson (1882 – 1950)

  • Grandparents - John Henry Bombei (1908-1977) / Rose Lavada Calbert (1911-1979)

  • Parents - Robert Darrell Bombei (1934-2018) / Betty Jean Cline (1936 – 2010)

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