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Light versus Darkness

Light versus Darkness

When I was a young man, I was in the US Navy. Part of my Navy career I was assigned to an aircraft carrier that patrolled in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. There were times when we would perform operations at night without the ship’s running lights. The purpose we practiced these drills were to familiarize the crew so they could perform their duties in low light conditions. The reason the Navy operated in low light conditions is that they are trying to make the silhouette of the ship hard to see by a enemy vessel or submarine at night. On occasion when we were in the middle of the ocean on a cloudy night while running these drills it would get so dark that you could not see your hand in front of your face. Where there is no light there is darkness.

In John 8:12 Jesus says He is the Light of the World and if we follow Him, we void darkness.

John 8:12

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

The bible refers to living in a sinful path as living in darkness. Jesus is the Light of the World and Satan is darkness.

In our world the contrast of light and darkness is evident and even though the news brings it into our living room daily the contrast has been around since creation. However, we don’t have to walk in darkness. Jesus mentioned in the verse above, if we follow Him we will not walk in darkness. Where there is light the darkness disappears.

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