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Has the Fire Gone Out?

I have been doing a lot of camping lately and one of things I enjoy is a campfire. Towards the end of the evening it is time to separate the remaining coals. The coals burn for a while then they start to lose their flame and if you wait long enough the coals will go out.

Our Christian life is similar if we don’t keep the fire going the flame can go out. So, what makes the fire go out in the Christian life? Not spending time with God. If we only speak to God every now and then we cannot keep the flame going or another way to put it, we can’t nurture our relationship with God. Christians must keep spending time with God by being in God’s Word and speaking with God in prayer.

God can speak to us in His Word. I am sure that many of you can testify that you have read scripture that dealt with a issue you were dealing with at that time. God knows exactly what you are dealing with every day. When you spend time in His Word and in prayer you are not only talking with God, but you are rekindling the fire again.

So to keep that fire going in your Christian life by staying in His Word and in prayer. This is how we keep our relationship with God nurtured. With a nurtured relationship this will lead us to being obedient to our Lord and Savior.

Romans 12:11

11 Stay excited about your faith as you serve the Lord.

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